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Pace of Play

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How We Manage Pace of Play

Player Assistants

Our player assistants navigate the golf course throughout the day to help with any needs you might have during your round. Additionally, our player assistants monitor the pace and spacing of all groups on the golf course with help of a GPS-enabled pace of play management software and take the following steps to ensure pace of play stays on target:

  1. If your foursome fall more than two shots behind the group in front of you, our player assistant will provide you an initial friendly reminder that you close the gap within a hole.  We understand that brief delays happen from time to time but appreciate you regaining your position shorty thereafter.
  2. If after two holes you have not regained your position, a player assistant will join your group as a forecaddie to help you quickly close the gap.
  3. If your group is unable to move back into position after three holes with the help of a player assistant, you will be provided options to move back into position, such as skipping the necessary number of shots, or offered to restart your round behind the last group, when you will not feel pushed by anyone behind you.


Pace of Play Expectations by Tee Time  

First Off - 3 Hours 45 Minutes

6:30am - 8:00am - 4 Hours

8:00am - 10:00am - 4 Hours 15 Minutes

10:00am - 12:00pm - 4 Hours 30 Minutes

12:00pm and After - 4 Hours 30 Minutes


How to Help Your Group Keep Pace

Below are a few of the most important rules and etiquette changes as it pertains to pace of play enacted recently by the USGA. We appreciate you keeping these in mind during your round:

Play Ready Golf

Please play whenever it is safe to do so. The old etiquette of “you’re away” no longer applies, according to the USGA’s rules modernization initiative.

Aim to Play in No More Than 40 Seconds

From club selection to pre-shot routine to execution, strive to hit your shot in no more than 40-seconds once arriving at your ball.

Get Ready for Your Shot Before You Reach Your Ball

Once you are off the tee, think ahead. Determine your yardage and make your club selection before it is your turn to play.

When You Share a Cart, Work Together

While your playing partner hits, get out of the cart and walk to your ball with a few clubs. Be ready to play when it is your turn, and let your partner pick you up.

Be Efficient on the Putting Green

Line up your putt while others are putting. Leave your clubs on the side of the putting green closest to the next tee. Wait until the next tee to record your score.

Ball Lost or Out of Bounds

Tenison Park has adopted the new local rule allowing players an alternative to the traditional “stroke and distance” penalty for a ball lost or out of bounds. Please proceed to the edge of your fairway nearest where your ball was lost or last crossed the boundary line and drop under penalty of two strokes.


It is no longer a penalty to strike the flagstick while in the hole with a shot played from the green. Waiting for someone to tend or pull the flag now unduly slows down play.

It’s OK to Pick Up

The handicap system allows for a maximum score. If you reach it, pick up, regroup, and try again the next hole. The max scores by handicap, as stated by the USGA, are:

  • 0-9: double bogey
  • 10-19: 7
  • 20-29: 8
  • 30-39: 9

How To Choose The Appropriate Set of Tees for Your Game

Tenison Park is a supporter of the USGA’s “Tee It Forward” initiative, as we both believe the game is more enjoyable when played from the appropriate set of tees for your game. As a guideline, you should be able to consistently and comfortably reach each green in regulation from the tees you choose to play. 

Tenison Highlands


Average Driving Distance Suggested Tee Yardage Men's Rating/Slope Women's Rating/Slope
275+ Diamond 7,078 73.7/130 n/a
250-275 Gold 6,610 71.7/128 n/a
230-250 Granite 6,242 69.8/123 n/a
200-230 Silver 5,930 68.1/118 75.1/135
<200 Pearl 4,883 63.9/110 69.1/123

Tenison Glen

Average Driving Distance Suggested Tee Yardage  Men's Rating/Slope Women's Rating/Slope
260+ Championship 6,607 71.8/119 n/a
240-260 Challenge 6,289 70.5/115 n/a
210-240 Standard 5,900 68.9/112 75.1/136
<210 Forward 5,101 70.0/123 70.0/123